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Powered Paraglider UAVs | LEAPP

The Atair LEAPP (LEAPP Type I) is a slow-flying, long-endurance powered paraglider UAV used for loitering ISR and distributive operations payload delivery missions. LEAPP is two-man deployable and transportable via a Humvee with trailer. LEAPP uses the largest elliptical paraglider wing ever built—the wing span is over 112 ft with an aspect ratio of 6:1.

To ground launch, the LEAPP is placed in a small clearing of approximately 150 ft2. The wing is unfurled and laid out behind the vehicle. Take off occurs in 50-100 ft and does not require a paved runway. The LEAPP can operate fully autonomously or be piloted by remote control via a portable base station computer and advanced software which allows continuous tracking, mission and flight planning, video and data downlink. The vehicle may also be air-deployed from a C-130 or C17 at altitudes up to 35,000 ft using a 2.7 aspect ratio elliptical parachute. Mission critical features include (48+) hour endurance, along with payload capacity for 250 lbs of surveillance equipment and 2,145 lbs of fuel.

Other variants of LEAPP are available to trade endurance for increased cargo capacity.


Length: ~105”
Width: ~82”
Height: ~95"
All Up Weight (AUW): 3600 lbs
Power: 180Hp turbo & super charged diesel / 24 V 200 A alternator
Endurance: 48-55 hours flight time
Payload Capacity: 250 lbs of surveillance equipment and 2,145 lbs of fuel
Ceiling: 52,000 ft

Custom Applications
Atair's LEAPP UAVs can be outfitted for ISR and/or distributive operations missions, and modified to meet different size and payload requirements. Please contact Atair to discuss your specific UAV application requirements.

LEAPP was debuted at the 2006 AUSA
Meeting and Exposition in Washington October 9-11, 2006.